Buy / Sell

If you want to buy...
Our mission begins with a thorough interview to determine very precisely your needs in terms of location, property type, budget, greeting absolute and relative terms, allowing us to validate the practical feasibility of your project. We define a set period, after which we are committed to present several properties matching the desired criteria.
Once the mission is clearly defined, we become your single intermediary, and our team is fully committed to your project. Relying on advanced professional tools, we ask all our contacts and partners to satisfy your search : individuals, real estate agents, notaries, property dealers ... We select the products offered, and do at your place all the pre-visits.
Through us, you have access to the entire market !
You are kept informed of our research and visits as and according to your desires, with photos and descriptions to support. Our team is reachable at any time during business hours of our office. You benefit from our advice throughout the mission, and our objective opinion on the property selected independently.
Once the selected assets, we group visits depending on your availability, and we are doing together, without any loss of time.

We are here to advise you every step of your purchase, especially when negotiating, and we’ll benefit from our position as professionals face the potential sellers or intermediaries.
You pay your property at the right price, because we are here to defend your interests.
Our fees are calculated based on the selling price of the property, and are payable for half at the sale agreement, the other half is being paid upon final signature.
An upfront payment corresponding to the research costs, is requested to sign the contract.
Want to sell a property...
We want to work on your sale with an exclusivity, as this system has many advantages:
You have a single contact RIOException, who knows your property and its history.

We take care of all our inherent advertising for sale (ad sites in Brazil and abroad, showcase our agency Avenida Atlântica ...), and you will not see your propertie advertised by various intermediaries at different prices.

We select potential buyers by analyzing strictly their research, and presenting in detail the product they are going to visit. Thus, you will not be bothered by visits of curiosity.

Any collaboration with an intermediary is of course possible, and again, it is us who select and process all requests for you. Therefore, you can be assured of a job according to our methods.

In all cases, the overall fee remains the same for you, since we practice sharing fees.

You keep the freedom to sell the property on your side. In this case, we are not liable for only 50% of the commission.

You can view some of our properties in the 'Our Products' for the complete list, please contact us directly!
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